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*Due to intellectual property protection, we will not provide a full description to our idea in this section, if you want to know more about our product contact us

We at Modern Wall work to provide you your dream home; our main products are: drywall and composite plaster panels.

We developed the passive wall to make a new green package product.

At Modern Wall we have the latest version of walls (next generation wall).

After winning many prizes: Code_n innovation competition (CeBIT2013/Hannover Germany 03-2013), TBPC finalist (Cairo/Egypt 01-2013), HCT-Wharton Innovation Tournament 2021 competition (Abu Dhabi 05-2012) and 2012 MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Business Plan Competition semi-finalists (Abu Dhabi 03-2012)…; we decide to start our business as soon as possible, request exclusivity information just by contacting us.

Right now, we just receive special commands; so tell us what your dream home is and let’s do it

Whatever you think that is impossible; at Modern Wall nothing is impossible.

We already have:

  • Incorporated lighting into the wall; just switch on and see your amazing decoration
  • Incorporated air conditioning system into the wall; enjoy the temperature stability with this system
  • Controlling new by new; you can control all our gadgets with your android or windows phone and of course your PC
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      Sustainable development and environmental preservation are integral values of Modern Wall; it is indeed an ecological structure struggle for sustainable development.

      Starting by walls, Modern Wall product can be used now in many home stuff and more.

      Just contact us to know more


Modern Wall is pleased to announce their participation at CeBit 2013 in Hannover...

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